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Funeral Insurance Compare Rates Quotes Instantly and Save Money Up To 75%

Funeral Insurance Quotes

Before we go ahead and start looking for the best funeral insurance policies and companies, we believe that everyone should start with a simple piece of paper and a pen. Once you are ready, take some time to consider exactly what you need from your policy.

Funeral Insurance Compare Quotes

At first, your answer is likely to be simple: “I want my family to have money after it happens.” However, you should think about exactly how much coverage is needed. For this, you must decide if you want to be buried or incinerated in the first place. When planning your insurance, this decision will affect your policy due to the difference in cost between the two.

After this, you should also think about the location of the burial, the funeral policies for over 80 to 85 age service, the memorial service, the coffin, the flowers, the arrangements for the wake, etc. With all these expenses, it is not difficult to see why funerals can be so costly, as well as why it is important to have a good final spending policy.

Funeral Insurance
Funeral Insurance

Although it may not be enjoyable, you should sit down with family members to discuss these decisions. Once you know these details and your family is clear, you can better understand the type of coverage you need.

Review of funeral insurance for seniors companies. Before addressing burial insurance costs and many other factors, we should try to answer the question “Who offers the best burial insurance for the elderly?”.

Nowadays, there are numerous companies in the market that suggest that they offer the best funeral policy for over 80 coverage, what is the real answer? In truth, it can be difficult because each of these companies has happy customers. Despite this, we will show you your A.M. The best qualifications for finance, as well as your options when it comes to funeral policy insurance.

AIG Funeral Senior Insurance (Excellent – A)

In total, you can find up to $ 25,000 with AIG for people between 50 and 85; This is considered as whole life insurance with guaranteed acceptance.

The riders of chronic diseases and terminal illnesses are included at no additional cost. AIG offers a fantastic funeral insurance policy or a funeral policy if it meets the age requirements. The policy is issued by American General Life (AGL) in all states except New York.

Foresters Burial Senior Insurance (Excellent – A)

For Foresters, there is a little more movement with a total of three different funeral insurance comparison rates, plans within their PlanRight policies: level, qualified and modified. While some have the death benefit available from the first day, others will have it for a certain time.

From $ 2,000 to $ 35,000, options must be available. But many factors will be considered, including your age; once again, it is usually between 50 and 85, with the modified contract available for ages 50-80.

MetLife Senior Final Expense Insurance (Superior – A +)

For whole life insurance policies, MetLife has guaranteed acceptance of all customers between the ages of 50 and 75. Regardless of their circumstances, there is no way to be rejected from this, as long as it is between the age parameters. As you can see, MetLife reduced the upper band to 75 years. The MetLife Guaranteed Acceptance entire life insurance policy has a two-year graduated death benefit.

For healthier customers, MetLife Promise Whole Life 120 is an excellent permanent life insurance policy. It offers the following guarantees: guaranteed death benefit, guaranteed cash value, guaranteed premium level and the potential to obtain annual dividends.

Settlers Life Insurance Co. (Excellent – A-)

From everything we’ve seen so far, Settlers Life Insurance Co. offers the most packages with four. As for whole life insurance policies once again, you can find a maximum coverage of $ 50,000, this is reduced to only $ 1,000. Although there is no minimum age limit, it is cut to 85 years.

Funeral Advantage Program for Seniors

Good health in the last 5 years
$ 2,500- $ 50,000
Up to 85 years
Silver Plan

Good health the last 2 years
$ 1,000- $ 25,000
Up to 85 years
Silver II Plan

Some health problems
$ 1,000- $ 15,000
Ages 50-75
Only for non-smokers
Bronze plan

Current health problems
$ 1,000- $ 15,000
From 40 to 80 years
Two health questions
2-year graduated death benefit
Bronze Plan II

Current health problems
$ 1,000- $ 10,000
Ages 40-75
2-year graduated death benefit
AARP / New York Life (Superior – A ++)

As you can see, the AARP life insurance sold through New York Life has the best financial rating we have seen and also offers guaranteed New York Life policies for final expenses.

From $2,500, they reach up to $25,000 and can not be rejected regardless of the circumstances. In most of the country, you will have to have between 50 and 80 when buying a policy through AARP.

Colonial Penn Senior Insurance(Excellent – A-)

With a stop at 75 years, Colonial Penn is one of the rare companies that choose to lose less than 50 years and continue until 40 years of age. With the guaranteed acceptance of available entire life policies (50 to 85), they offer coverage of up to $ 50,000. However, gender and age play an important role in determining the policy offered by Colonial Penn.

State Farm Life (Superior – A ++)

Once again, we have another A ++ rating in terms of financial security according to A.M. Best and State Farm has policies for the final expense, such as a basic full life insurance policy of $ 10,000. In terms of ages, there is a buffer of thirty years from 50 to 80.

And there is a short description of the main companies that offer a funeral policy for over 85 for the elderly. As you can see, they all have different terms and conditions to follow, but they also seem to follow a general formula.

Although there are different amounts of coverage available and the age ranges may vary slightly, they are all done in a similar way. So you should resolve your needs and find a plan that is right for you.

Prepaid Funeral Plan Insurance Quotes

In addition, you should evaluate the pre-need and prepaid plans available and actually find one that suits your needs now as well as in the future.

Types of upper burial insurance coverage in compare rates on funeral advantage insurance quotes.