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Best Term Life Insurance for Ex and Current Smokers

You are looking to purchase phrase insurance policy and as you prepare to start the quotation procedure you wonder if cigarette smoking will change the amount of premium you will have to pay. The short answer is yes but how much it will impact your amount can vary.

Best Term Life Insurance for Ex and Current Smokers

Best Term Life Insurance for Ex and Current Smokers

Best Term Life Insurance for Ex and Current Smokers

Some companies have different rules than others on being a cigarette smoker. There are insurance policy companies out there who don’t consider you a cigarette smoker if you sometimes cigarette smoking cigars or have an occasional cigarette.

What you should do is go through the operation of getting phrase lifeinsurance policy plan quotations. The easiest and fastest way is to use the internet and search for phrase quotations or phrase life insurance policy plan quotations. Google will provide you with a choice of numerous web sites that make use of on the internet insurance policy quoting application. Such application all works pretty much the same.

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You will enter in answers to a few questions such as age, sex, the state you live in, the duration of the policy phrase and the amount of coverage you want. When you hit the submit button the application with check the plan costs of all companies in its database and within seconds give you the comparison of all of the quotations. One question that is part of the quotation form is whether you are a cigarette smoker or not.

If you currently cigarette smoking or have smoked, regularly or sometimes, in the last three years it is advisable to call the phone number given on the web site to speak to a customer support representative to go over the details of your cigarette smoking. The customer support person will work with you to find the lowest possible amount for you.

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So use the internet, get lots of phrase quotations so you can be sure to find the best phrase lifestyle insurance policy plan amount. Living insurance policy plan quotation procedure is simple no matter which web site you use.

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