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Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company

Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company

A common life insurance plan policy organization refers to an insurance plan provider that has no private shareholders. Rather, such insurance plan provider is altogether owned completely by its plan owners.

There are a number of organizations offering different add-on facilities such as insurance plan policies, accident insurance plan, critical insurance plan covers for the convenience of the plan owners.

Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company

The plan owners, however, seem to remain quite unconvinced about the value of the common coverage plans. Here, in this article, we aim at helping the plan owners develop a comprehensive idea about the plan, the benefits and drawbacks and the benefits associated with it.

Pros and cons:

Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company
Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company

When it comes to profit sharing, the funds are equally distributed amongst its customers. Although the inception of insurance plan organizations basically started with a common structure, it struggles with one disadvantage of raising fresh funds during times of its needs.

This reason has been the prime cause of demutualization of many such organizations that have been struggling to gather funds whenever their needs have demanded.

The unique kind of ownership rights binding the individual plan owners makes the common insurance plan policy truly beneficial. The plan owners of a common organization enjoy many conventional rights ranging from selecting the board of directors of the organization to assessing the organization’s yearly turnover.

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These organizations maintain reasonable rates of their premium as compared to stock-based insurance plan organizations. The reason of the maintenance of their low premium is their unconcern attitude towards economical profits and returns.

In the contemporary times, several common lifestyle insurance plan policy providers are coming to the fore with their clear ideology of wealth management, economical protection and income management. They skillfully work towards acquisition of their goals by market campaigning, earning clients’ trust and building their immunity towards economic turbulence and economical recession.


Amongst many, one advantage of common lifestyle insurance plan policies are to make their plan owners, alias customers, feel confident about their significant choices.

The insurance plan organizations interact with their customers in an effective way so as to tender them some tangible methods of securing their economical stability tomorrow. By hinting about their economical sturdiness, the organizations offering diverse range of economic loans, common structure of ownership, cater to the preferences of their client’s needs as their foremost priority.

They offer mostly economical loans, services and programs such as lifestyle insurance plan policy plans, annuity plans, disability-income insurance plan, long-term care insurance plan, retirement insurance plan products, income organization etc.

To summarize some of the benefits that lifeinsurance brings are:

Zero clash of interests between shareholders and policyholders

Immunity from drudgery of mergers & takeovers

Attractive dividend for policyholders

Sometimes, common lifestyle insurance plan policy providers opt for their demutualization. This term refers to conversion of mutually managed insurance plan organizations into stock-based enterprises. The main reason behind the trend of demutualization is to gain strong foothold in the market by being able to raise capital whenever required. The dividends payments to both the plan owners as well as the share owners have proved to be immensely beneficial.

Article Source: Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company.